• Caroline Ruivo

Is your cup full?

Do you ever feel guilty about telling your boss that you will not be working overtime? If we feel convicted whenever we decide to take time for ourselves, these emotional states could be considered "early warning signs" that we are neglecting our own self-care.

When there is a cabin pressure emergency on any given flight, pilots instruct all of their passengers to put on their own oxygen masks before assisting others (yes, even before helping children)! It is a simple concept but it makes sense: We cannot help others before taking care of ourselves first.

To illustrate this point further, if someone came up to you with an empty cup and asked you for some tea because they were thirsty, how could you possibly help them fill their cup if your own cup is dry?

This is a friendly public service announcement to ensure you take time for yourself - whether that is by taking a bubble bath in the evening, praying early in the morning, or going for a walk in nature during your lunch break.

The reason why we feel guilty when we take time for ourselves could be because we are in desperate need of balance. Spending time with our children or spouse has its own time and place but we need to always remember to spend time by ourselves as well. This might not only improve your mood, but it might also improve the quality of your relationships.

Reflection Question: How can you fill your cup today?

Photo by Lisa