• Caroline Ruivo

There are two kinds of people

Imagine this: You are on vacation, walking along the seashore. You notice a woman wearing a blue dress walking near you and she's talking on the phone. She seems to be complaining about a minor annoyance that happened earlier in the week and how much it is still bothering her today.

She's pounding her feet in the sand with each stride she takes, as she looks down at the ground with her furrowed eyebrows. While she continues to vent out her frustrations, you lift your chin and find yourself completely mesmerized by the view.

You pause to notice the warmth of the sun on your skin, the softness of the sand on your toes, and the glistening ocean from a distance. As you take a sip of your fresh piña colada from a real coconut, you hear children laughing together as they build their tenth sandcastle of the day.

Just then, you hear that same woman in the blue dress yelling on the phone and notice she is now miles ahead of you, still looking annoyed and frantic. Why is it that two people can be in the same beautiful setting but only one person is moved and transformed by it?

From this illustration, we can see how our tendency to worry may not only make us feel more miserable but it can also rob us of enjoying a truly beautiful experience.

Reflection Question: How can you remind yourself to live in the moment when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or worried?

Photo by Igor Justo