• Caroline Ruivo

The miracle in your morning

Every time our heads touch our pillows at night and we enter a dream state, we are no longer fully conscious and our brains are dormant. We are not aware of our breathing or our heart rate. While we are asleep, we are not even aware that we are alive.

Now isn't it fascinating that when we wake up in the morning, all of a sudden we become fully conscious? We are aware of the new pimple on our chin, the sun beaming in our eyes through the blinds, or the annoying sound of the alarm ringing.

Think of what a blessing it is, then, to open our eyes each and every single morning without ever having recognized that we were unconscious throughout the night. Furthermore, think of all of the important people in your life who you are grateful for and what a gift it is for them to be alive as well.

Life is incredibly unpredictable and fragile but we easily forget this. We tend to live our lives as if we think we are going to last forever and we try our best not to acknowledge the uncomfortable truth of never knowing whether or not we will see tomorrow.

Reflection Question: Do you live your life as if nothing is a miracle? Or do you live your life as if everything is a miracle?

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych