• Caroline Ruivo

Your window of opportunity

If there was a window that would open everyday and it led you to an outside world that was exquisitely beautiful and peaceful, would you choose to visit everyday? Think of this window as your own form of "paradise" if you will.

This window only stays open for short fragments of time and if you don't hop out of the window into this secret world then you will miss your opportunity. As suddenly as the window pane opens at any moment it chooses, it also closes just as easily. You never know when the window will open but you secretly anticipate the moment that it does.

The problem is that every time this magical window opens, you find that it is always during a time when you are extremely busy or you are rushing to meet a deadline. You begin resenting the fact that you cannot simply enjoy this beautiful world whenever you want and as a result you feel aggravated and irritable.

This window is symbolic of the beautiful moments that occur during our everyday lives. The window opening might be a moment when your child asks if you can teach them how to draw a picture, the missed phone call from a friend who wants to meet for coffee, or your aging father who asks if you want to watch a movie together on Friday night.

Reflection Question: Is there someone in your life you've been taking for granted lately? What can you do to make time for them this week?

Photo by Maria Orlova